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What is Organic Food?

Food cultivated in soil free from chemicals for at least three years is called Organic Food.

Organic Food is cultivated using environmentally sound methods without the use of artificial stuff during their cultivation.

Garbage and peat are used for enrichment of the soil in organic farming. Compost and hydroponic methods are used as natural fertilizers to boost oragnic yields.

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What could be the effected internal organ when we find acne on our forehead?

Acne on forehead or above the eyebrows indicate that our intestines are struggling to cope with their responsibilities. High amounts of fat within your diet can lead you to breakout across the forehead. Acne or forehead can be sometimes due to stress or sleep deprivation.

If our diet is dominated by fats, soft drinks, red meat, our body could struggle to get rid of the extra toxins accumulated due to the diet.

We need to consume less chocolate, cakes, lemonade and Coke, and drink more mineral water without gas. Eat food that helps eliminate toxins from the body.


Which Homeopathic remedies help in the treatment of Alcoholism?

Quercus Glandium Spiritus and Nux Vomica remedies are effective in the treatment of addictions through homeopathy. .

Homeopathic remedies work inline with the will of the addict. Usage of homeopathic remedies is not effective if the addict doesnt have the will to quit addiction.

Learning Disorders

Common pesticide may increase risk of ADHD. A new study provides strong evidence, using data from animal models and humans, that exposure to a common household pesticide may be a risk factor for ADHD.

There is strong scientific evidence that genetics plays a role in susceptibility to the disorder and scientists believe that environmental factors may also contribute to the development of the behavioral .....condition.

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Therapy of the Day

What are the benefits of learning Acupressure?

Acupressure can be used for self-healing and healing our family members effectively.

Acupressure can be performed anywhere, at any time. A person doesn't need to practice in a particular setting or a particular time of the day to experience its effects.

Alternative Therapy

How do we know the existence of energy field around us?

The knowledge of energy field comes from ancient text, as well as observed through high sense of perception.

High sense perception is a refered as clairvoyance which is the ability to see that which lies beyond the reach of physical sight.

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Weight Management

Can chili help in loosing weight?

Spicy foods have natural chemicals that can kick your metabolism into a higher gear. Chili is a great way to boost the metabolism rate of the body. The faster your body metabolizes food, the faster it will also burn fat.

Cooking foods with a tablespoon of chopped red or green chili pepper can boost your metabolic rate. The effect is probably temporary, but if you eat spicy foods often, the benefits may add up.

Fertility Enhancer

Why are folic acid rich foods included in the fertility diet?

Folic Acid is needed for proper body functioning and for normal growth. Folic Acid also playes a massive role in boosting the fertility and also plays the most important role in the first three months of the fetus's development.

Foods rich in folic acid are dried beans, lentils, soya products, almonds, nuts, potatos wheat flour, spinach, cabbage, broccoli etc.

Learn Alternative Therapy

Learn meditation and relaxation techniques from How to Meditate

This book guides us on, how to work with meditation in order to find benefits from it in your life. When we take time to quiet ourselves, we can all sense that our lives could be lived with greater compassion and greater wakefulness.