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Healthy Living

What are the recommendations made by WHO to promote and support healthy lifestyle?

To ensure a healthy lifestyle, WHO recommends eating lots of fruits and vegetables, reducing fat, sugar and salt intake and exercising.

Based on height and weight, people can check their body mass index (BMI) to see if they are overweight. WHO provides a series of publications to promote and support healthy lifestyles.

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What are the preconditions to follow before assessing your skin type?

Wash your face and wait until four or five hours after having washed it, as it gives skin time to recover from the cleaning and resume its normal activity.

Also dont use makeup or creams to make the assessment more accurate.

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What are the effects of excessive alcohol consumption on stomach?

Alcohol irritates your digestive system and makes your stomach produce more acid leading to inflammation of the lining. This can lead to stomach pain, diarrhea or in serious cases, bleeding.

Long term excessive alcohol consumption can lead to increased risk of stomach cancer.

Learning Disorders

ADHD drug won't stunt growth in children

A new study suggests that stimulant medications such as Adderall, Ritalin and Concerta used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children, won't stunt their growth.

Dr. Slavica Katusic, study researcher said that "Stimulant medication did not affect children's final height as adults".

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Therapy of the Day

What is Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique is an educational process which aims at teaching people of how to stand, hold themselves and move differently in order to eliminate unnecessary tension in their bodies.

Alexander technique is one of the most effective, proven and cost-effective alternative technique in the management of chronic pain.

Alternative Therapy

Why does energy body models differ?

There are many ways of accounting for the differences in descriptions of the human energy field.

Certainly the varying capacities of the observers, and the particular frequencies of energy and structures they are capable of perceiving plays a major role.

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Weight Management

How can placing magnets at acupuncture points within ear aid in weight loss?

Another possible method of magnetic therapy for weight loss can be achieved by placing magnets at specific acupuncture points within the ear.

There have been several accounts that suggest that by placing magnets at various acupuncture points in the ear, feelings of fullness in the stomach are generated and the appetite is therefore suppressed.

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Fertility Enhancer

How Can Chiropractic Care treat male infertility?

The male reproductive organs contain a large number of both blood vessels and nerves, it stands to reason that a misaligned spine will not send proper signals or enough blood to these organs, thus reducing fertility.

Once the spine is in proper alignment, the reproductive organs can once again work at their full capacity.