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What are the health effects of consuming lead contaminated drinking water and How to test water for lead contamination?

Lead is a toxic metal and the primary source of lead exposure for most children is lead-based paint in older homes. Even low levels of lead may cause a range of health effects including behavioral problems and learning disabilities. Children six years old and under are most at risk because this is when the brain is developing. Lead in drinking water can add to that exposure.

Infants and children who drink water containing lead in excess of the action level could experience delays in their physical or mental development. know more here


Chiropractic in the treatment of Acne

Chiropractic is a natural method of healing Acne through spinal chord manipulation.

Chiropractic helps in cases where the skin problem is due to nerve irritation in the spine. Chiropractic facilitates the healing process of acne by manipulating the nerve between the spinal chord and intestines. Once the area of spine associated with the intestines is restored to normal acne starts to clear by itself.

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Bach Flower Essence in the treatment of Alcoholism

Bach Flower Essence can be used as a supplementary for treating addictions.

Bach Remedies do not treat addiction but they treat the personalities responsible for the addiction. Hence there are no side-effects.

Learning Disorders

ADHD impact on families predicts whether kids get needed services

Many elementary school children with ADHD don’t get services like medication and behavior therapy that might improve their condition, according to an Australian study. The condition’s impact on the family and the child’s age are the biggest determinants of whether parents tap into available services

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Why is Auricular acupuncture considered as a favored treatment for children?

Acupuncture has become a popular complementary therapy for children suffering from psycho emotional problems. Auricular acupuncture, specifically, has been proven most effective. The ear may be used alone or in combination with body acupuncture to solve countless illnesses through the ...

Alternative Therapy

Why do we have many possible models of energy body?

Those who are able to perceive the aura have attempted to describe it through models which represent the structure of the aura. Not everyone perceives the aura in the same way, hence there are a variety of different models of the human energy field. These models all have some value, but are by no means the only way of describing the aura.

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Weight Management

Ayurveda for weight loss

Ayurvedic treatments for weight loss is carried out by bringing us closer to the nature.

Ayurveda treatment for weight loss involves treating the whole body of the person as a whole.

This creates an environment for purifying the body naturally, which eliminates all toxic imbalances, enable healthy weight loss.

Fertility Enhancer

Craniosacral therapy in the Treatment of infertility

Craniosacral therapy can help balance out the spinal fluid and nervous system. Carniosacral Therapy helps to encourage healthy conception and pregnancy by regulating hormonal imbalances via the pituitary gland, reducing physical tensions and relieving stress levels.

It can also help enhance vitality and healthy functioning of the reproductive organs by releasing restrictions in the surrounding connective tissues...

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Learn about the importance of VITAMIN D.

This book provides information about The Role Of Vitamin D In Your Body, The Effects Of Vitamin D Deficiency, Population Groups Prone To Vitamin D Deficiency, Vitamin D Deficiency And Geographic Location, Best Sources of Vitamin D, Diagnosis of Vitamin D Deficiency, Treatment Of Vitamin D Deficiency.

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