Mental Health

Simple Coping strategies for mental health during Covid

Various studies link between COVID-19 adverse outcomes and mental health conditions. A look at some simple strategies suggested include the advice for: Creating structure for daily routine by scheduling the day, set aside a particular space for work or homework, workout etc. Building resilience by eating healthy and taking self-care, by maintaining your sleep cycles...

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Halo – fitness band and app that scans your body and voice

Amazon Halo – A new way to help you measure and improve your health through wearable device Amazon’s Halo is new fitness band with a subscription service which doesn’t have a screen. Halo has the usual set of fitness tracking features like cardio, sleep, body fat, voice tone tracking along with two innovative ideas of...


Career thoughts and parental relationships in adolescents with ADHD

A study published in The Career Development Quarterly looked for potential links between negative or dysfunctional career thoughts and the quality of parental relationships in high school students with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In the study of 102 adolescents (76 boys, 26 girls) with ADHD, male participants’ dysfunctional career thoughts were related to their relationships with...


Overdose of Stimulant Medication seen in Younger Children

Suspected drug overdoses for youth are on the rise in the US. A new study results Suspected Nonfatal Drug-Related Overdoses Among Youth in the US: 2016–2019 adds that nonfatal overdoses increased for those <15 years of age, and suspected stimulant overdoses increased for all youth age groups. The study also points out that drug overdose...

Digital Medicine

Can phones detect the onset of mental health problems?

Digital phenotyping can detect behavioral patterns from our text messages, movements, and even your speech and could transform health care. Digital Phenotyping tracks users behavior through a smartphone app which monitors social interactions, physical movements and the tone of the users voice when using voice commands, in order to provide early diagnosis of depression so...


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