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Which water filteration system should be purchased?

When purchasing a water filteration system

* NSF/ANSI certified drinking water filteration system should be considered. One should find out which contaminants it claims to remove and then check NSF to see if those statements are actually true.

* Be sure to find one that reduces herbicides, pesticides and many other agricultural pollutants in addition to tons of other contaminants that find their way into our water.

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How can water help reduce acne breakouts?

Acne can develop when your body is full of toxins and vulnerable to inflammation. Our body is approximately 70 percent water, and water is involved in almost every function of the body.

Water helps flush those toxins and other waste materials out of your body, contributing to healthier, clearer skin. So, water is one of the most important substances one can consume.


Which colors can we see the most in the etheric body of an alcoholic?

The aura of a casual alcoholic contains a gray sticky energies accumulated in various chakras.

But an aura of someone who is used to alcohol for many years might appear greenish brown, with too many holes in the aura and most of the chakras broken and closed.

Learning Disorders

Unique form of ADHD could be caused by pollution

A recent study shows that a significant amount of ADHD we’re seeing in children today could come from air pollution.

The apparent culprit is a class of compounds called P-A-H (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) that’s produced by burning any organic material: cigarettes, gas stoves, cars, and even barbequed meat.

Therapy of the Day

What are the advantages of learning Aromatherapy?

The potential benefits of learning Aromatherapy are :

* Learning to create natural therapeutic products.

* Leading a Healthy Lifestyle.

* Launching a Career and Creating New Business Opportunities.

Alternative Therapy

How does Chakras effect our mental body?

When the physical body is in a state of well being, the mind is at ease. When chakras are balanced and energy is flowing freely, a state of mental clarity is attained.

If the chakras are out of balance they we might experience confusion, mental instability.

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Weight Management

What are the benefits of alkaline diet for weight loss?

* An alkaline diet assists in losing weight, as most of the foods are low in calorie and healthy

* Alkaline systems have more oxygen in their cells. Oxygen is a very essential part of eliminating fat cells from the body.

* Alkaline diet can improve metabolism, which can inturn burn more fat.

Fertility Enhancer

Why do women need chiropractic care during pregnancy?

The constant changes occuring in hormones, respiratory system, metabolism, alimentary system and pancreas of a pregnant woman might sometimes lead to stress on her spine and joints which might sometimes get misaligned.

In order to keep her spine and joints aligned and prevent health problems, pregnant woman should be under chiropractic care.

Learn Alternative Therapy

Learn Bach Flower Remedies.

Discover how the use of Reiki will allow you to think more clearly, make decisions readily and have more energy for physical activity. This introductory guide is designed to help you start using the bach remedies for yourself, and includes the nature and history of the remedies, case histories showing how the remedies work, how to select and take the right remedies.