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Healthy Living

What lifestyle changes should we make to protect ourself and our family from EMF?

First, you need to understand that your nutrition and your daily lifestyle can make you either accumulate more toxic metals or help you excrete them over time.

Eating a healthy diet tailored to your nutritional type and maintaining a regular exercise regimen, as well as detoxing on a regular basis, forms the foundation of optimal health, and can help reduce your toxic load.

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What could acne on the thighs and legs indicate?

This is the most common body area for acne and frequent reasons include allergies, excessive sweating, not showering after exercise, friction from athletic gear, clothes that are too tight and not breathable, backpack straps, irritation because of hair or body care products, reaction to laundry detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets.

If you have ruled out all these, evaluate whether your diet is loaded with fried and high calorie foods or you aren’t getting enough sleep… both could be contributing elements.

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Role of Bach Flower Essence in the treatment of Alcoholism

Bach Flower Essence can be used as a supplementary for treating addictions.

Bach Remedies do not treat addiction but they treat the personalities responsible for the addiction. Bach Essence Walnut along with Rock Rose Flower Essence are very effective for treating addictions.

Learning Disorders

Do you know the 4 Things that Cause Overwhelm in ADHD with Adults? What can you do about them?

Below are four specific reasons you might be overwhelmed, along with practical tips to try.

You have tons of thoughts - taking several deep breaths, You’re bombarded by stimuli - Have earplugs on hand for noisy situations ...

Therapy of the Day

How are Homeopathic Remedies prepared?

Homeopathic remedies are prepared by serial dilution in alcohol or distilled water, followed by forceful striking on an elastic body, called "succussion". Each dilution followed by succussion is assumed to increase the remedy's potency. Dilution usually continues well past the point where none of the original substance remains.

Alternative Therapy

What are the characteristics of chakras and When do we say that a chakra is out of balance?

Each chakra has a particular character and related to one kind part of our being.

Each chakra has different levels of perception, physical capabilities and performances, color, intuition, sound, and significance more.

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Weight Management

How does EFT release the emotions behind the food cravings?

While food cravings certainly feel physical, they’re often rooted in unconscious emotions. Food works to temporarily suppress unpleasant feelings—those feelings we don’t want to feel. Cravings are an effective distraction.

By tapping on the craving itself—the junk food you’re dying to eat and how badly you want them—you can reduce your stress and release some of the emotions behind the cravings.

Fertility Enhancer

Which fertility issues can be dealt effectively through hypnosis?

Patients undergoing hypnotherapy may be able to lower their blood pressure or increase their immune-system function, both of which would be beneficial for a woman trying to get pregnant. Women may also be able to balance their hormone levels, which, could increase chances of pregnancy.

Hypnotherapy's effect on anxiety and stress related to fertility issues may be the most important factor.

Learn Alternative Therapy

Learn REIKI & Reiki Meditation to strengthen Body & Spirit and Increase Energy with Reiki Healing and Meditation.

The author of this book provides insight into some of the common myths that surround the practice of Reiki to help clear up some of the mystery surrounding this spiritual approach. Even though Reiki is spiritual in nature don’t let that scare you off.